No Myth: The Birth of Bitcoin Babies

Remember the term Trust Fund Baby or Trust Fund Kid? Well get ready for a new one for the 21st Century. Bitcoin Baby. Yes, it hasn’t made the Miriam Webster just yet but with recent wave of newly minted crypto millionaires Bitcoin Babies will be the envy of their peers.

A wealth transference is happening right before our eyes and sadly many people will must the chance to improve their socioeconomic standing because they didn’t have the right information.

But don’t fret despite warnings of bubbles and the staggering price of Bitcoin (currently around 17k per coin) you can still be part of this new wave of wealth.

Because of the ability to invest fractionally you can invest whatever you can afford and grab some Bitcoin right now. Don’t worry about the fact you weren’t able to get in earlier, get in now and make a profit.

Your kid will thank you.

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