The Myth about investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin recently hit an all time of $7800 on November 8th. That marks quite a run for Bitcoin since the start of the year when it was trading between $800 and $900 respectively.

So the big question here is it too late to invest in Bitcoin. Believe it or not despite the unprecedented run Bitcoin has had in the past 6 months right now is the perfect time to grab a piece of the crypto currency.

Although at the time of this writing one Bitcoin will cost you close to $8000 you can purchase whatever amount you can afford to invest. You can buy as little as one ten millionth of a bitcoin (8 decimals places). So you can invest as little as $5 to have a piece of the most popular crypto currency in the world today.

That is important to understand from this standpoint if one Bitcoin is one day $100,000 that means one tenth of a bitcoin is worth $10,000. So investing $800 today could net you $9200 in the aforementioned scenario. Pretty good return on investment, right?

So don’t let your capital or lack thereof stop you from grabbing what analysts are calling the digital gold of this era.

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